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Ya Hey
Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires of the City (2013)



Vampire Weekend - Ya Hey

Through the fire and through the flames, you won’t even say your name,
Only I am that I am.
But who could ever live that way?


imagine a cool wizarding school in nyc that people just think is like this old abandoned hotel or something and it’s filled with ghosts from all these time periods and a lot of the students know a lot about muggle life because they’re in the middle of a huge muggle city and nyc has this awesome underground wizarding scene

it would be so cool

Take 9-11. That means something in the United States. The “world changed” after 9-11. Well, do a slight thought experiment. Suppose that on 9-11 the planes had bombed the White House, suppose they’d killed the president, established a military dictatorship, quickly killed thousands, tortured tens of thousands more, set up a major international terror center that was carrying out assassinations, overthrowing governments all over the place, installing other dictatorships, and drove the country into one of the worst depressions in its history and had to call on the state to bail them out. Suppose that had happened? It did happen. On the first 9-11 in 1973. Except we were responsible for it, so it didn’t happen. That’s Allende’s Chile. You can’t imagine the media talking about this.
Noam Chomsky (via asdfcriiiis)

Meet Andromeda Tonks (Nee Black), a former Slytherin who left her wealthy, pureblood family for the love of a muggleborn. 

Andromeda, in a word, is proud. The influence of the Blacks is prevalent in her movements, speech and her manner, meaning that she does often come off cold to strangers without quite meaning to. Of course, sometimes it’s completely intentional; the best defence mechanisms are those that make sure no one will dare to question you.

Having been brought up in a place where she was expected to be perfect, Andromeda has been left with a tendency to be quite the perfectionist. As a child, her clothes were always clean and her smile bright.At Hogwarts she studied hard, making sure her spells were precise and powerful (even making prefect in her fifth year), not to mention that for years (despite her naturally rebellious nature) she tried desperately to be the perfect daughter that her parents wanted while still maintaining her dignity (as a Black should; a Black does not beg for attention). She was well aware that her parents had wanted her to be a boy and so became determined to prove them that she was worthy of their respect and love, working hard to try and out-do her older sister. It wasn’t that she didn’t love Bellatrix, because she did, very much. But it wasn’t fun living in the shadow of someone your mother thought the world of, so Andromeda resolved to be the best she could be. During her years of questioning the validity this was a great source of anxiety for her; if she spoke out for what she believed in, she would be punished and lose the little respect she had earned. Now out of the shadow of her family, Andromeda’s perfectionism manifests itself in other ways, most notably her cleanliness and her overprotective nature over her daughter. If things don’t go as she expects (a spell goes wrong, or she finds herself unable to do a task), then she gets extremely agitated, repeating what she’s doing over and over again until she is successful.

A quick temper and sharp tongue add to her standoffish nature, although she is perfectly capable of being kind, funny and a strong ally; you just have to prove yourself worthy of being trustworthy first. It’s hardly a surprise that the Tonks’ home was accepted as an Order headquarters, since both Andromeda and her husband are extremely trustworthy, as well as strong mentally (later proved when neither give up information while being tortured in the Deathly Hallows). Being formidable with a wand, she is generally very secure in herself and has an aura of confidence. It doesn’t stop her worrying about things; the war, Dora’s liking of pulling the cat’s tail and why on earth she can’t master a polyjuice potion just a few from a long list, but her pride allows her to keep up a front, only letting those close to her know of her anxieties. Quite disturbingly, she often thinks that she’d fully justify using unforgivable curses against those who threatened herself, her family or members of the Order. They’d do it to them, so why not give them a taste of their own medicine? An eye for an eye has long been the Slytherin way. But at the same time, she doesn’t want to perform them against those she once held close; what if she had to defend herself against Lucius, her little sister’s husband? Her old house-mates? Bellatrix? These questions generally keep her out of the fighting and the Order itself, although she supports it. Her loyalty is with the Order, but she doesn’t want to be forced into combat. 


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 ”Your Grace, if you are dead —” 

"— you will avenge my death, and seat my daughter on the Iron Throne. Or die in the attempt."


lydia going through allison’s stuff (◡‿◡✿)

lydia finding a bucket list that’s only half crossed off (◕‿◕✿)

lydia deciding to finish the bucket list for allison (ノ*゜▽゜*)

lydia arriving at the point “getting a matching tattoo with lydia” and going to the tattoo artist and getting the silver arrowhead tattooed on her wrist and carving one into allison’s bow ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

lydia arriving at the last point and knowing that she can’t do this and standing at allison’s grave and apologizing “but i really can’t marry scott. you were made for him. but don’t worry, i’ll make sure he will never get hurt.” ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

✘ now do the other thing. :P

Amelie Chase is a student, majoring in history (with a philosophy minor), frequent forget-er of her dorm key and member of the college woman’s soccer team. 

Forgetting things is a running theme of hers; her timetable, her money and the dates of things, usually (along with those damn keys). But no one can say that she’s a bad student; once in class she’s bright, talkative and attentive. Strangely, she also likes things to be kept neat and orderly - that way, when she does forget something, at least it’s easy to find. She can be rather blunt and standoffish, but her friends are used to it and most people don’t bother themselves about it. 

Although half the time it may or may not be to stop people going into her room, since she’s hiding a kitten up there.